Maroc Telecom or crap internet !!

We often forget we are in pretty good situation in france for Internet access (restriction of Internet pretty reduced and we have pretty good speeds avalaible for normal prices, 30/40€ for Gigabit fiber connectivity).

I got opportunity to go recently in Morocco and to discover it’s completely different for Internet access !! Even if Internet access is less restricted than expected, Internet access that works correctly is definitively difficult to find ! Continue reading “Maroc Telecom or crap internet !!”

Orange and its crap livebox !!

It was a long time I wanted to speak about Orange and its crap Livebox so here it is 😉

For sure, Orange, state operator, and biggest french telecom operator, supplies since a long time (in fact since Free has started to supply one for all their ADSL access) a box for all its Internet customers (both ADSL and Fiber).

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