Maroc Telecom or crap internet !!

We often forget we are in pretty good situation in france for Internet access (restriction of Internet pretty reduced and we have pretty good speeds avalaible for normal prices, 30/40€ for Gigabit fiber connectivity).

I got opportunity to go recently in Morocco and to discover it’s completely different for Internet access !! Even if Internet access is less restricted than expected, Internet access that works correctly is definitively difficult to find ! Continue reading

How to get A+ grade for your SSL websites (Let’s Encrypt key) on Virtualmin !

This guide is based on Virtualmin installed on a brand new dedicated server with a public IP adress and using Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits as OS.

Be careful that this guide is up to date at time it has been written (things evolve quickly in SSL domains and new leaks discovered regularly !). Continue reading

Back to life !!

Pfiu time goes away too fast 🙁 Already two years since first post here whene I decided to get my own blog back to life !

This time it’s the good one, I’ll post from now new posts often, as well “anger posts” as technical or geeks ones…

See you soon 😉