Maroc Telecom or crap internet !!

We often forget we are in pretty good situation in france for Internet access (restriction of Internet pretty reduced and we have pretty good speeds avalaible for normal prices, 30/40€ for Gigabit fiber connectivity).

I got opportunity to go recently in Morocco and to discover it’s completely different for Internet access !! Even if Internet access is less restricted than expected, Internet access that works correctly is definitively difficult to find !

The state operator, Maroc Telecom, is a complete failure !! I got opportunity to see technicians pull fiber in streets to connect new homes and it’s done in a complete unprofessional way (using no tube in grounlds or completely destroyed ones existing for copper lines). But it’s just one point of an operator that is just doing amateurism work that is pretty unacceptable for a state operator !!

Routers/Boxes supplied at customers look very similar with french Livebox from Orange that is just bullshit product (multiple features not working or not implemented, security holes, abusive filtering of ports that can’t be deactivated, no bridge function, and all that packaged by Sagem on specifications of telecom operator….). For fiber they use Alcatel boxes that look a little less cheap.

But the big issue is that speed and stability are not avalaible ! Maroc Telecom charges 500DH (around 50€ for 200M connectivity which is pretty expensive) but real speed is around 5/10M at best luck….

The best of the best is that fiber connection are lot less stable than fiber ones !!! Complete loss of connectivity every 15/30 minutes (unless fiber doesn’t loose synchronisation which indicates well that problem is inside Maroc Telecom in the backbone) and I got opportunity to check that problem is pretty general !!

A nice cheat that lasts since years as Maroc Telecom is in monopolistic situation, hang in there Moroccan people that have to bear that daily 🙁

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